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Jeffrey Ziegler

Jeffrey Ziegler

Serial Entrepreneur – Investor – Consumer Guardian

Jeffrey has always been an entrepreneur at heart and started his first business soon after college in 1986. Since that time he has been on a quest to find the perfect business endeavor that combined both flexibility and upside profit potential while minimizing his time in the office.

Throughout the majority of the 90’s he looked into many different business models, all of which required huge capital outlays, inventory, large overhead and employees. Certainly not the type of business he was looking for.

In 1998, Jeffrey began studying and taking classes on trading options in the Futures Market and immediately realized that trading options had the potential to be the Worlds Perfect Business. So began his technical analysis training. He traded options in the corn and wheat markets based off technical price patterns.

Due to a growing family and an accelerating Real Estate market in Arizona, Jeffrey’s trading business was put on hold. In February 2005 it was rekindled at a seminar he attended. Jeffrey’s eyes were opened to the power of the internet and how it had revolutionized the trading world. Never before had investors had this type of power at their finger tips. He immediately sold his rental properties and started where he had left off, only this time it was in the Stock Market.

After the countless seminars and many trips away from home, Jeffrey came across the trading strategy that would break him from the corporate rat race once and for all: Credit Spreads.

On December 19, 2006 Jeffrey decided to quit his VP of Sales job and work from the comfort of his home, never to return to the mind numbing commute and the nagging cell phone that just never ceased to stop ringing.

Jeffrey now shares his passion of trading through a course he developed and gives away called, Credit Spread Trading Made Simple 3.0. Although Jeffrey specialized in trading credit spread, he has branched out into more longer term thinking and investing. His new motto is “Have multiple streams of Income.” He absolutely loves what he does and has a passion to help others succeed at business, marketing and investing.

Jeffrey currently lives outside of Denver with the love of his life, Tina, and 5 handsome young sons, Dalton, Garrett, Cade, Chase and Jett.

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On March 16, 2015, my whole world was rocked. I was diagnosed with cancer, which feels like a death sentence. You never think it’s going to happen to you… at least I didn’t. After many hours pondering the next chapter of my life and what’s really important to me, I decided to move in a different direction. I’m committed to living my life in manner that goes against the mainstream. Before my diagnosis, I never gave preservation or prevention a second thought. Money has always been easy to make, and up until March 16, 2015, I’ve always been in good health. But I had bought into a lie that many Americans fall prey to. That lie says “There’s always tomorrow to get in shape or to make more money.” Because of these deep seated beliefs, I believe America is going to face a major crisis in health care and retirement. But this crisis could be averted if we simply believed in the preservation of our health and wealth and stopped putting things off until tomorrow. That’s exactly why I started the preservation guardian website… Because some of this information may have just saved my life. If that interests you, click the green button to watch a short video from me.

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